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Don't Let Rodents Run Unchecked

Our rodent control services will curb their invasions in Fort Smith, Van Buren, AR and surrounding areas

Are you dealing with a mouse or rat infestation in Fort Smith, AR or any surrounidng area? Don't let it go on for another day. Instead, turn to Entomolex Pest Control, LLC for rodent control services. We'll provide swift, powerful rodent treatment as soon as possible.

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Learn about the rodents of Fort Smith, Van Buren, AR and surrounding areas

When you come to us for rodent control services, you can breathe easy knowing we're on the job. We can draw from years of rodent treatment experience to get everything from squirrels to gophers out of your home.

Some common rodent visitors include:

  • Mice: Field mice and house mice often invade homes in our area, spreading diseases and damaging property.
  • Rats: Norway rats and roof rats are also problems. Norway rats are brown and can reach almost a foot long, not including their tails. Roof rats are smaller and vary in color.
  • Gophers: Gophers are small animals that cause huge problems. They can wreak havoc in your yard, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Need to bring any of these scurrying rodents to a halt? Call 479-831-6405 right away. You can count on us to end the infestation.